Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good News, Bad News!

Well I found out that the house that I planned to sell is not for sale. I mean I can't sell it for another 8 years or so even if I wanted to do it now...hmmm. Plan B kick into action...can't sell? Then its for rent! Any takers? Email me...or friends who do have my number, call me. Further details, look up at www.mudah.com.my. Please note, the house is not furnished for rental...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back To Limbang.

Time flies really really fast especially when you are enjoying yourself. My one week holiday with the family is coming to an end. Tomorrow I will be returning to Limbang taking the 7 am flight from KIA to Miri then to Limbang. Expected to arrive in Limbang at 11 am. Yeah I still have the weekends but all by myself. Plan to do some cleaning (continuing) around the house. Will be back in Kuching (I hope) in October for a meeting which is most probably in the mid-october. Went to a property valuer today...planning to sell off the house since I do not know for how long I will be serving in Limbang. In the beginning thought of renting it out but after considering the pros and cons, decided to let go of the house. Kind of 'sayang' la but rather than returning after all the years only to find a rundown / 'rosak' house and spend more money on refurbishing, I might as well get a new property...but then again...I'd rather purchase a piece of land enough to build my home sweet home especially after my retirement. What do you think? Okay or not?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pineapple Tarts!

Guess what...it's just a 'spur of a moment' thing later in the afternoon today, I just decided to bake some pineapple tarts. Since there was still some baking supplies, it was sorry to see it go to waste. It was pretty much a simple process. A bit of shifting here, weighing there, rubbing etc...and voila!! I managed to create (I must say) edible pineapple tarts. Not that I've never done it before but this time I just tried a recipe which I looked up through the internet today and gave it a try. The ingredients were simple and precise in measurements of ingredients that I did not have to make any adjustment to the portions. It is delicious (so my daughter said)! Going to bring some back to Limbang. And FYI this is the only cookies homemade this time around...the rest of the cookies..well some were bought, some were gifts. I think I'm more of a cake making person. It is more tedious but I enjoyed seeing the end result (the looks and taste) of the cake (mostly Layer Cakes). I inherited the recipes from my mom and most of the measurements are like a cup of this, a can of that etc...back then measurements are based on the texture of the mixture and so the hand and eyes coordinations are important to determined the right mix. Didn't do any cake making this year or else I would be taking some orders for the festive season. Maybe not this year huh! There is always next year...maybe if I have the time to do so.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday's over!

Wha...t! The holidays almost over! (for some of us) Soon it's back to work guys...but then again there are those whom did not get any leave during the Raya (poor lot). For me, still got the whole week which is like a few more days to go. Have to get back by Friday (since the airfare is cheaper). Then it's bachelor life again for the next couple or so weeks (provided there is a meeting in Kuching in October). Kind of worried of leaving my family to care for themselves for next few months. Helpless? yes..but somebody has got to do the job. Discussed it over with my significant other and we've decided to sell off our house (any takers?) since we don't know how long we will be in Limbang, maybe 1, 2, 3 or more years there. It's hard to get back later if the house had been rented, one would expect to redo the house inside out which in the end will cost a lot and it won't be the same anymore. Maybe in a year or two will begin house hunting again (if condition permits). Working in the civil service, it's hard to stay put at one place for a long time / forever but in the end we will be ending up somewhere. For me, I'll let fate decide. Of course it will be much sweeter to come back to your own home town but anything could happen. My dream would be own a plot of land to build my own home. We'll see, maybe not so soon but at least before I becomes a pensioner.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


From me and my family, we would like to wish all muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Last Minute Shopping

Had a run around today...pretty tiring. In the morning had to settled my banking needs then for friday prayers with my colleagues from HQ (lama tak jumpa) after that went searching for Kek Lapis at Kampung Boyan. Didn't realised that the Kek Lapis is really selling like a Hot Cake!! Decided to look around near my housing area..found ready made kek lapis (dunno whether it taste nice) and cookies. This year had no time to make some as previous year. Later in the afternoon went to look for new clothings for my children (they deserved it) as a present for fasting for the whole month. But I realised that they are more interested in getting new toys rather than clothes. I think I'll save the toy buyings for Christmas as we always do every year. They, my children, get spoiled by their nenek, aunties and uncles. Pretty much a toned down affair, eid-ul-fitri this year. Hmm...need to get some coconut milk tomorrow for the beef rendang. So friends, do call me before coming on the 1st day of raya....for those who hasn't done any shopping yet...good luck for tomorrow..it'll be a challenge.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home At Last!

Been waiting for today. Departed from Limbang airport at 10.10 am. Once in Miri at 10.40 am, wandered around since my connecting flight to Kuching was at 2.20 pm. Unfornately the flight was delayed about 15 minutes so reached Kuching at about 3.40 p.m. Was met at the airport by my family and yes the baby too. She grows so fast and it took a while for her to remember me (and it's was only 10 days ago since I left them for Limbang). From the airport went to do some last minute shopping. Not a grand Hari Raya this year....tight on the budget (help!!!). Finally made it home and breaking fast with my family...did I tell you both of my children (aged 6 and 5) has been fasting since day one up till now. Made me proud seeing them achieving the one month of fasting. However, kids will be kids, fasting or not they are as hyperactive as usual. They are usually mellowed after breaking fast, in fact my son is asleep in front of the TV now! The girl, well she's in the kitchen with Ummi, helping out I guess. Well that's it for today...till the next entry...Ciao!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Balik Kampung!!

Hmmm...don't know I should call it balik kampung but I am going back to my roots, my hometown, my place of growing up and most important of all my wife and children. Will take the 10.10 am flight from Limbang then have to wait for the 2pm connecting flight from Miri to Kuching. Expected to arrive at KIA around 3pm. Called my family today and daughter has been counting the days for my return. The funny thing was when I asked her when Babah will be back, she confidently answered Thursday! Then I ask her what day today is. Again she confidently answered Wednesday. Next I asked her what day comes after Wednesday...(my wife told me later, she had to sing the days in a week to get the answer) she reply though not immediately, Thursday. She finally realised that her babah will be back tomorrow. It's different with my son. I guess boys does not publicly show their affections. He acted like nothing happened but I know deep down he misses me too. To those balik kampung, take care and have a safe journey home. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

How I am feeling today....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home.

It's not my own but it'll do for now. Only Allah knows how long I will be here. Yes, I missed my own house, I mean who doesn't especially when it is close to your heart. Getting emo here...heheh...

Yes, I've just checked in my new abode and done some light cleaning...there is a lot to do but I guess it'll do for now. Had my colleagues over to help (they volunteered). Thanks guys. Bought some cleaning utensils and stuff and even bought a couple of pillows. Another colleague offered bedsheet which I planned to bring over my own when I come back from the holidays. At least the place looks comfortable to live in. Very spacious indeed but with minor defects. I like the kitchen area best because it has a storage room with racks for kitchen stuffs and food. Haven't done any cooking yet and planning to get a cooking stove when I come back. That's pretty much what I need for the next 3 months re-living bachelor live. Must do some mopping tomorrow....noticed my sole of my feet dirty walking barefeet in the house. Some thing for my to do list.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Finally after about a week of living out of the suitcase, I'll finally get a place to call home! I guess working in the civil services has its perks. Nothing grand but comfortable enough to bring up a family. I still remembers the days I stayed in government quarters when my late father was still in service. Fond memories of growing up in government flats in Batu Lintang (so sad to see it has been torn down) and another quarters at 3rd mile penrissen road (also had been torn down to make way to a commercial area). There was always friends to play with, under the quarters, in the bushes nearby and of course catching fries in the nearby drains (back then it was not concrete drains). I wonder whether my children will go through the same thing I did when I was their age. Still remembers my mom use to get furious when me and my brother got home all wet and dirty after the day's adventure scouring the jungle nearby fishing or simply pretending we were soldiers with homemade wooden gun. If not we will be busy flying kites or playing marbles. We did camped underneath the quarters just for the fun of it. Living a carefree life with not a single worry in mind. Wish we could turn back the clock but life goes on.

Wet Monday

Just finished my sahur at 4.40 am. As I was writing this entry, it started to rain...again since last night. I am glad...at least, hopefully the day will not be too humid as it is still fasting month. Yes, I will be in the office but still a nice cool weather will help with the fast. Hopefully by the end of the day, I'll get some good news on my application for an abode. It has been comfortable but having a place to call your own would be much, much better. At least I can start work on it while waiting the arrival of my family whom will be joining me after Christmas! It's like another 2-3 months to go. Hari Raya is just around the corner. Time flies quickly this year and soon it'll be 2010. Once again to all muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. While to the rest (especially you know who you are), I'll be back to Kuching soon and a gathering is set to take place while I'm there.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm bored!

Nothing much to do today. In fact almost nothing at all. Had a short trip to the border at Temburong but got stuck as we ran out of fuel and the gas station was closed early. Had to wait for rescue supply from Limbang. Kind of funny, because at first didn't want to go but at the last minute had a change of heart and followed. No regrets as it is an experience I can tell people in later days...hehehe...Other than that it's pretty much stayed at the rest house. Yes still waiting for a proper place to call home. Maybe after Hari Raya as I am going back to Kuching next week (Yehah!!). Missed my family so much. Can't wait to get home soon. As you can read, I've been updating my blog more frequently since I've been here just to kill time and to express myself. I guess and still believe that everything happened for a reason.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Limbang by night

Nothing much happening here at night. A change of environment but a good one. Peace and tranquility. Makes me want to know more about this town (though not much to explore out of the ordinary). I guess it'll have to wait after eid-ul-fitri. Then I will venture out to the sub-urban and rural areas to learn more of the people and cultures not forgetting the food too. I asked someone what is the food they called 'nasi katok'. I've seen it, looks like any other ordinary chicken rice but haven't tried it yet to ascertain the speciality. Durians looked like is in season here but was informed that it is still pricey at this time to buy one (they sell by kilos). I still have not a permanent place to call home. So kind of not settling down yet. Still living out of the suitcase. Other than that, it has been one busy week with function after function. Still trying to get use to being in this position. Pray and wish me luck.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin

Sempena ketibaan bulan Syawal tidak lama lagi, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN kepada semua muslimin dan muslimat.

Welcome To Limbang!

Finally I am here! Don't really know what to say. Happy? Sad? Lonely? Betrayed? Sick? Excited? or it doesn't matter? I am here to serve the people not on holiday in case some of you are wondering. Yes, I have been transferred to a new office Limbang. I have not settled down yet....still waiting for a place to call home (macam la tak ada rumah). I have not been driving for a week now (rindu kereta proton saga 1997 aku). Anyhow, I found town of Limbang is actually an interesting place to be. The language is different from that of Kuchingites and so is the food here. I think it is the durian season here, but the price is steep. Maklumlah, jiran kita ke mari untuk bershopping jadi harganya naik semua ba...(ada bunyi cakap orang Limbang enda??). Excuse the mistake la...I think I will be happy here as soon as I get my family over (sigh!). It has been a lonely fasting week this week without my family but I'll survive.
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